Once there was a legendary man who lived for others
He was showing everybody that tomorrow’s shining bright
We already know that thorns can be found in all the roses
But together we went forward with the power of your love

Two centuries of life, we are never ending dreamers
Walking alongside the youth you have always felt at home
Your past has been a legend, something to remember
Sharing happiness and laughter, (we together had a dream)

Chorus x2

Your legacy keeps on growing
The big tree is now bicentennial
You grow stronger Don Bosco
With the passing of the years

Young people around you feel the power of your vision
When we feel that you are here and supporting all our efforts
Your light is the beacon that illuminates our future
Every day is like a present with the laughter in your voice

Memories to be recorded, hope continues living
We are youth in search of new land and we shout it to the sky
In search of a new light, cause we are never ending dreamers
And the hope of a tomorrow (that reminds us who you are)

Chorus x2

The power of your story widens our horizons
You are guiding our steps when you whisper in our hearts

Keep searching for glory I will wait for you in heaven
And don’t forget to keep on dreaming, I will always be with you
I will always be with you, I will always be with you.

Coming soon…